Tvůrčí psaní v Aj

V osmé třídě se děti dostaly k tvůrčímu psaní, situaci jim trošku ztížil fakt, že se jednalo o anglický jazyk.

“It was a very windy day when one man was going home from a forest. He was tired and hungry.”


Nejprve si děti vyslechly příběh ve zvucích beze slov, udělaly si poznámky a napsaly příběh.

Cítím potřebu se s Vámi podělit o to, co jsou naši žáci schopni napsat v sedmi minutách – texty ponechány téměř bez úprav :o)

Kateřina Hejná


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It was a very windy day when one man was going home from a forest. He was tired and hungry. He saw a house from his car window. He knocked the door with hope that someone could be there and offered him something to eat and drink. When the door opened, there was an ugly woman saying in her very deep voice  ”Come in.” The man got scared, he started to scream and ran away. Then finally there was the end of that forest but also a big hole. He didn´t notice it. So he fell into it. That ugly woman followed him and saw him falling down. She was laughing as loud as she could.

by Julie Valtonen


One man was driving to work in a very windy day. Suddenly his car crashed in front of a scary house. The man decided to go to the house with his dog to ask for help. He knocked the door but his dog started to bark. The man opened the door and he saw a scary ghost. He ran away but he fell into a hole because he wasn´t paying attention.

by Sam Calda


It was one cold winter night. Jack was driving home when his car stopped working. He went for help. He saw some small light so he followed it. He came to an old house.  When he opened the door, someone started crying. He started to run away. While he was running, he fell into a river. The next day they found his dead body in the river.

by Kuba Máša


It was a very windy night.  One man was walking up the hill. He saw an old house and knocked the door. The door was opened by a strange monster and it was holding a cup. In that cup there were three bloody fingers. The man started to shout and started to run away. The monster followed him. He fell down and the monster started to laugh. When he was face to face the monster, he found out – it wasn´t a monster, it was his Mum.

by Kamila Mrázková